The Process

Welcome to our onboarding process. When a new clients signs with our agency, we take them all through the same process. 

If you have existing campaigns running, we continue running and optimising them until week 8, just to make sure you do not lose momentum until the new campaigns are up and running.

Week 1 - onboarding and access

The first week is all about getting access to all relevant accounts and platforms. If the client does not have an account, we will create one for them and give them admin access.

  • Get access to Facebook business manager (Page, IG, ads and pixel)
  • Get access to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  • Make sure all tracking is in place within GTM
  • Make sure all Pixel events, and conversions fires and are tracking correctly

Week 2 - goals and type of campaigns

The second week is all about determining the goals of the client, and what type of campaigns that are necessary.

  • Define desired outcome with customer
  • Define customer segments and target groups
  • Identify primary goals next 90 days
  • Determine your target cost per acquisition and/or return on ad spend
  • Determine ads budget
  • Determine UTM strategy
  • Add micro objectives and targets
  • Choose 1 key metric to track per funnel stage
  • Create a funnel strategy send to client for approval

Week 3 - content planning and production

This week is all about creating all the content needed to be able to reach goals through our funnel strategy. We repurpose existing content from client, and also create new content (with client).

  • Get access to client media library
  • Go through client’s existing content (organic and paid) and determine what we can repurpose or remix.
  • Create and share content plan with client
  • Create at least 2 ads in each stage of funnel, and at least 2 pieces of value content.
  • Send content plan to client

Week 4 - audiences and targeting

The focus of week 4 is to set up all the correct targeting for our campaigns. Both based on clients data, and Facebook’s core audience data.

  • Import customers and leads (email+phone) into Facebook custom audiences (make sure GDPR compliant)
  • Set up remarketing audiences from websites, FB page and IG
  • Build 2 target groups based on custom audiences, interests, closest competitors, common interest etc
  • Create 1% lookalikes for each audience

Week 5 - ads go live on Facebook

This week all campaigns go live, based on work completed the 4 weeks prior. The campaigns are based on funnel strategy and our “perfect campaign” strategy.

  • Use notes from week 2 to set budgets (20/20/60 rule)
  • Create the perfect ad campaign setup
  • Warm Audience
  • Lookalike audience
  • Broad interest audience
  • Put live 2 ads in each adset
  • Build out funnel strategy (waterfall)
  • Do final check that all tracking events in Google Analytics and Facebook pixel is firing. 

Week 6 - optimization and reporting

The last week we optimise all campaigns, and report back to client on progress and what we’ve tested and what we’ve learned. The same process described below will be used on a weekly basis as long as client if active.

  • Fill out report based on template
  • Compare current period against last period
  • Review budget based on performance (if we need to increase budget to reach goals, explain and ask the client for bigger budget)
  • Make  recommendation for actions to execute over next 7 days
  • Based on report and  recommendations, send customer email explaining how things are performing, how we are in terms of reaching goals and next steps to meet goals and scale
  • Update success tracker document with all notes and numbers